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Our systems-built homes are top of the line in quality, finishes, and comfort.

With decades of experience in home building, we’ve evolved the traditional stick-build process to provide the same quality and expertise you would expect from our flagship brand, Front Light Building Company in 30-50% less time.

Our in-house design studio will allow you to build and customize your home’s flooring, trim, and finishes in a matter of hours, not days. Choose from home models ranging from 1,600 sq. ft. to 3,000 sq. ft.

Arbor Craft Builders Available Home Models

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4 BR/ 3.5 BA


2,237 Sq. Ft.

3 BR/ 3.5 BA


2,368 Sq. Ft.

4 BR/ 3.5 BA


2,595 Sq. Ft.

3 BR/ 2BA


1,628 Sq. Ft.

3 BR/ 2.5 BA


1,952 Sq. Ft.

Garage Options

Sq. Footage Varies

Additional Features of a Systems-Built Home

Customizable Details & Finishes

From faucets to flooring, choose from quality materials to customize any of our model homes.

Garage Option

Exterior garage structure options available to help maximize storage and space.

Be Home - Sooner!

Construction time is 30% - 50% less than traditional stick-built homes.

Less Impact on the Environment

Less time spent building on-site and in-factory quality controls mean a lessened impact on the environment and less waste.

Better Quality Control

Using lean manufacturing principles we build with a well-trained staff, using disciplined processes, in a controlled environment out of the elements.

Local Know-How

With over 20 years of local building experience, we strive to produce the best home in the Lowcountry and make clients feel like family.

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Benefits of a Systems-Built Home Versus Traditional Home Construction


Our Sytems-Built homes are completed in a fraction of the time. While the site is being prepped, the home is already under construction in the factory.


Because our homes are built in quality-controlled environments, weather, contractor competence, and other challenges faced with stick-built homes are avoided.

Reduced Impact

Site prep is the only work done on the lot prior to placement, and materials waste is avoided thanks to factory quality controls. This reduces environmental impact.

We Make it Easy to Build Your Dream Home in Fraction of the time.

systems-built vs stick built house timeline

The Five-Step Systems-Built Process is Easy & Fun

Step 1: Introduction

Getting Started is all about Preparation

Step 1 systems built processThis is the project planning phase and where we start with the project kickoff. We’ll review the step-by-step process with you and start to review the home’s options.

This is the project planning phase and where we start with the project kickoff. We’ll review the step-by-step process with you and start to review the home’s options.

Some actions include:

  • Introduction to the Arbor Craft team.
  • Begin with an overview of the process, approach, and answer any questions.
  • Review site and plan options to get an idea of the home’s placement and how it will “sit” on the site.
  • Sign a preliminary development agreement (PDA).
Step 2: Design

Draft Elevations and Pre-Factory Work

Step 2 Systems-built process

This is the project planning phase moves into a working phase with regards to draft plans and review.

Some actions include:

  • Finalize the site and plan.
  • Make design selections and select trim packages.
  • Update budgets based on the design and trim selections.
  • Sign contract.
Step 3: Engineering

Approvals and Permits

Step 3 systems-built process

Because our plans are now in a more final state, and we have decided on customizations, we can begin to work on making your home uniquely “you.”

Some actions include:

  • Finalized home and site plans are sent to the state for approval.
  • Permits are requested and obtained. 
  • Send final drafts to the ARB for approval.
  • ARB approval received.
Step 4: Construction

Where the House becomes a Home

step 4 systems-built process

From the homeowner’s perspective, the hard part is done and our part really begins as the home is readied for construction at the factory.

Some actions include:

  • All plans are ready for construction at the factory.
  • Foundation and site prep begins.
  • Factory construction is completed.
  • Home is set on the site.
Step 5: Completion

Home is Finalized and Turned Over

step 5 systems-built process

The final step is nearly here, and the move-in date is just around the corner.

Some actions include:

  • Flooring, trim details, paint, and finishes are completed inside.
  • Landscaping, external details, and any exterior structures such as a garage are completed outside.
  • Final walk-through and then the keys are turned over to the new homeowner.